Fukada Environmental Development Industries Co., Ltd.

Septic Tanks

Septic tank design and installation

Only legally-certified operators are permitted to install septic tanks. As such, our nationally-certified septic tank technicians handle all aspects of installation work. Municipalities provide subsidies for the installation of septic tanks, and we take care of the application procedures for these subsidies on behalf of customers. Even in areas without sewerage systems in place, we can convert toilets into flushing toilets by installing a septic tank.

Septic tank maintenance and cleaning

During maintenance and inspections, we check whether there are any faults with devices, and perform minor repairs, replenish disinfectant, etc. During cleaning, we remove built up sludge etc. from septic tanks, and clean the devices. In the case of legal inspections, we conduct the Water Quality Inspection (Inspection 7) and the annual Periodic Water Quality Inspection (Inspection 11).