Fukada Environmental Development Industries Co., Ltd.



March 1963

A period of rapid growth in Japan, in which companies in all industries were becoming grouped and expanding in size, and the human waste treatment industry was no exception. A business union consisting of 13 operators in the city is formed to meet the challenges of this era, as well as new municipal public health policies.

February 1964

The business union is officially inaugurated in its current location with the authorization of the Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture, of which Noriyuki Fukada is appointed the first Director.

May 1970

Dredging services for human waste treatment plants and sewers commence.

December 1970

Fukada splits from the business union to establish Fukada Kankyo Eisei Kogyo K.K.

April 1975

Received an industrial waste disposal license from Fukuoka Prefecture.

October 1977

Reorganized as Fukada Environmental Development Industries Co., Ltd.

January 1980

New warehouse and carport constructed on land adjoining our headquarters.

July 1987

New office building constructed at our headquarters site.

May 1999

Material storage site constructed in Tsurumio.

November 2007

Fukada Kankyo Eisei Ltd. established.

May 2017

Entered into a contract with KFT Co., Ltd. for sales and installation of the Hikari Reidan System.

July 2018

Fukada Environmental Solutions PVT Ltd. established in Sri Lanka.